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When a branch fails vol.2

: tech, March 11 2021

Just a month after the first "when a branch fails" article, we finally got a vaccine. What a relief! In late autumn 2020 BigPharma finally decided it is time to open the gates - the dollars are ripe for picking. They used a massive government donation (as if they needed such), to "develop" adequate weapon against the virus. Delivery contracts were already signed, the vaccine(s) was zooming through the fast lane of EMA's (European Medical Agency) drug approval procedures, vaccination centers were being prepared. What could possibly go wrong?!

"$" steps in with "hold my beer!"

At that point nobody, except the people who signed them, knew what exactly is written in the contracts. Everything was covered under the "top secret" blanket - not only because of the falsified price data, but probably also because it would have shown exactly how bent over the politicians were. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) board chair Christa Wirthumer-Hoche, reached another level of face-palming hypocrisy, by declaring an early approval of the Russian vaccine "Sputnik V" to be equal to playing a "Russian roulette", despite it was the FIRST mass-introduced one, with good results for over 6 months. The obvious politically-forced decision not to use it, was scrapped by many EU countries, who showed EMA the middle finger, and even started producing it by themselves.
Meanwhile BigPharma was showing EMA the same finger, after using them to legitimize their product, and announcing indirectly they will just sell to the highest bidder - and this is how Israel, and recently UK and US, managed to get a record numbers in their immunization campaign. The greed (and the lack of consequences) kicked out any remaining business-integrity. No such can exist, when you get big and try to play with the top players (oh, what a nice topic for another article this is!).
In Germany, the "Impfzentren" are almost empty, due to insufficient supply of vaccines, nevertheless generating serious expenditures - the taxpayer has nowhere to go,...right? FFP2 masks were introduced as mandatory and nobody (except me) asked himself "whose cousin brought a FFP2-loaded cargo ship from China?". I hate to be right - last week 2 parliament representative burned when somebody uncovered they lobbied for these specific masks and put over a million in the bag. At the same time fraudsters were scamming the Ministry of Economy, just calling them from the name of legitimate companies "in financial need" and asking for some money. "Just transfer them to this account". And the ministry complied... , then stopped the entire program (temporarily).
Again - no resignations, no penalties - nothing! The 2 lobbyists were forced out by their own parties. One went away, the other left the party ... but remained in the parliament! Just think about this next time, when Germany moralizes over the corruption in your government. Many times people's memory is just too short. Like my all-time-favorite innovation from Ursula von der Leyen (2013-2019 Germany's Minister of Defense), who spent €650K for uniforms for pregnant soldiers. You know her better as The President of the European Commission (2019-since) - the same commission who put the entire continent in the COVID19 fiasco.
I am not even mentioning the side effects and questions, regarding the medical application of all rushed vaccines. Questions, that will cost EMA (us, the tax-payers) billions in the upcoming lawsuits. There are numerous reports of people dying after vaccination, dubious effectiveness, lack of quality control, etc. This article continues the legacy of the first one, by just giving a glimpse on how the failure spreads in a system of communicating vessels. The flaws of the fist are fueling corresponding such in the second one and vice-versa. This is not the end of the story. I am absolutely sure we will have more "incredible" examples by the end of the summer 2021.