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Puppet master's guide - Part 4 - propaganda mayhem

: history, May 18 2022

Persuasive mass communication that filters and frames the issues of the day in a way that strongly favors particular interests; usually those of a government or corporation (compare agenda setting). Also, the intentional manipulation of public opinion through lies, half-truths, and the selective re-telling of history. See also disinformation; manufacture of consent; public relations.
Oxford Reference
What a time to be alive! You can skip all the "puppet master's guides", just take notes. If you are smart and patient enough, you may even pierce the vale of the greatest propaganda schemes there is/was - the war in Ukraine.
The article is not about the war itself. It is about the reason and the manipulative activities we all are part of. Check the title picture. Happening probably since the beginning of the human history, but now it is way more obvious, as everyone, even the stupidest person, can "express opinion" over the social media. Suddenly you realize the term "being surrounded by idiots" is an understatement. So, people, seeking for a simple answer of a complex problem, are falling straight into the whirlpool of mass propaganda and total brainwashing. If you seriously think, that a one-liner like "Putin did it for resources" or "The maniac just wants war and territory" can explain what's happening - this website is not for you.

Let's get several things straight:
- Russia executes insane propaganda over its population, but so is the Western world. For the "evil empire" (as the US president Reagan refers to Russia) that's pretty much the standard operation mode - so no surprises here. For the Americans - kind-of a daily business also, especially after 9/11. For Europe - not so much. Since 24th February 2022 the people in EU are under the same (or worse) level of disinformation as Russia, China, USA and the rest of the world.
- This war is entirely wrong. Mr.Putin has his own (and probably valid) reasons to start it, but he could have achieved his goals (whatever they might be) by other means.
- Russia is conducting their activities in some tandem with US - if not for something bigger, at least they warned them several weeks before the invasion occurred.
- At this point (18th May 2022) nobody knows what the exact goal of this war is. But a "bonus" objective is the destruction of the EU. The economical harakiri that the powerful EU countries (Germany, France), with the kind push from US and UK, are imposing on the entire union and their own citizens is undoubtedly part of "The Great Reset" and the new world order. In several years, the deindustrialized and weak EU will be no more.

Back to our main topic - the Propaganda. And more specifically - the one spreading in the so-called bastion of the free speech and democracy - the EU. Get your puppet master's gloves and mandate things to your lackeys (the EU governments):
- first and foremost - all official and established media should be put under your control. Cut off any foreigners. (I had a russian TV among the channels of my provider - it was replaced by Ukranian almost immediately. I used to watch it just to estimate the direction of the current propaganda and not for actual informative purposes) Only one view point is valid and that is yours - no matter the truth! That's a basic principle of the good propaganda since the dawn of time.
- second - smother all debate possibilities on the topic. On "day 1", there is one direction - yep, you guessed it - whatever suits you. Someone may think on "How is such coordination even possible, without prior preparation?" and now we come to the next point.
- whoever questions media's standpoint should be flagged as agent-provocateur of the opposition. Again - it does not matter if your side is right or wrong, if it has moral, historical, rightful superiority. Discredit and mute everyone who opposes you.
- conveniently skip deep historical analysis on everything that led to this conflict. The sheep will not understand it anyway.
- put some dubious data out. It should indirectly refers both sides, but yours should be easily dismissable (Mr.Biden's Twitter followers are mostly fake, Mr.Putin's approval reached 83%, Adrian Bocquet who?, no NATO officers on the battlefield and so on...). People will get lost in the myriad of fake news.
- some may make a parallel between Russian aggression and US "freedom" operations in former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen - nonsense! Obviously the first thing is a barbaric slaughter and the second is spreading the democracy. Look at the previous "PM guides" about lying to go to war.
Humanitarian intervention, actions undertaken by an organization or organizations (usually a state or a coalition of states) that are intended to alleviate extensive human suffering within the borders of a sovereign state.

- turn the lens on the facts (the ones that even you cannot smear or deny). Take a look at the example below. The article came ~24 hours after the Asovstal commander announced surrender. The title translates as "260 Ukrainian soldiers leave Asov steel mill" and the bold text below the picture is "After weeks of blockade, the fighters, some of whom were seriously injured, were taken away by Russian units. They are later to be released as part of a prisoner exchange. The area around Lviv became the target of new air raids". A masterpiece indeed! The best brainwashing is the subtle one (although for any intelligent person that's not so subtle) - here the puppet media does not use "surrender" or "captured". And immediately shifts the topic. For the same story, you can easily find more or less the same description, but with the "proper" use of the word "evacuation". If you can do this with an exemplary, established newspaper as FAZ, imagine what you can achieve with all other second-hand, hungry media.

- nowadays it is not uncommon for any side to use mercenaries. Shush extensive talking about Ukrainians and overblow everything for the russian military (a country that has ~200 ethnic groups). One may find suspicious how Ukranians handle perfectly, in a matter of days, battle equipment they have never seen before (even with interface in arabic) - again, nonsense! Slap one "russian bot" here and there - see - everything is fine now.
- nobody will even notice if you censor, ban/delete accounts or put your own fake news. So why just not use it.
- the time is ripe to create the "Ministry of Truth" - if you have no idea what this is, please read some books (1984) or just watch what Mr.Biden's administration is doing under the term "Disinformation Governance Board".
- some of your weak henchmen may slip (under oath in front of a jury), that you have been going around the international regulations and developing bio-weapons (replace with "bio-laboratories") in the affected country. Nullify the following "cause-and-effect" reasoning, if this might be just one of the many reasons, your adversary attacked.
- promote that this is a war between Ukraine and Russia, and you have nothing to do with that.
- announce plans for cutting all ties with Russia (for your vassals of course). Oil and gas for sure, as soon as possible. No worries - you are the biggest re-distributor of such. Profit awaits! Plus unknown number of russian ships will depart ports with "unknown destination" in their logs. Guess what will happen in the international waters. Suddenly, countries with no raw materials will start exporting huge amounts of both. While Europe commits suicide, you can continue importing fertilizers and diesel with a simple legislative switcheroo.
- being a puppet master is a tough and tiresome job. Get some fun in your daily activities by creating the "opposite of art"-type of musical festival, where the first place is always won by "the victim of the day" - if your chosen country cannot really cut it (come on, do I even have to say this?!) just manipulate the results a bit.

Do not forget the other tools of the puppet master. There is just no better time to rob the people by printing an endless amount of money. War (indirect military help), recovery plans, cutting the dependency on the russian raw materials - all bottomless pits where the money flow unsanctioned and unaccounted for. Additionally put some of your corporations as a "middle man" so you have a cut from every shady deal, every "classified" trade agreement etc.
Dump unknown amount weapons in the hands of a notorious para-military unit. It does not matter how many of them will be further sold to terrorists. The main point is causing chaos, prolonging the war and keeping the industrial-military complex going - hurting the "enemy" comes just as a bonus.

Tuna Capers Pasta

: food, April 22 2022

Easy one, with minuscule effort and products.
What you need (for 2 people):
- 1 can of tuna - 200gr
- small onion
- 3 garlic cloves
- 100ml white wine
- spaghetti
- 3ts capers
- something hot - small hot pepper/sriracha/cayenne pepper...
- 2ts olive oil, salt, black pepper, lovage
- chopped parsley for garnish

Cooking it:
- boil the pasta until almost ready - I am not going to tell you how much or how long. If you have not figured it out till this moment in your life just go eat outside.
- while the pasta cooks, start preparing the sauce.
- chop the onion and put it in the heating olive oil. You will need a pan big enough to fit the pasta and the sauce.
- after 2 mins add the chopped garlic.
- after 1 min add the "hot" ingredient.
- after 1 min add the capers. If they are salted (and not pickled) first rinse them in cold water. Do not put any other salt, as they are salty enough.
- after 1 min add the lovage, salt and pepper.
- after 1 min add the tuna. If it has its own brine, remove it. If it is in oil - you decide if you will add it to the dish or not.
- after 1-2 mins add the white wine. Bring it to boil. Let it cook for 2 mins.
- drain the pasta from the boiling water and put it in the tuna sauce for 2 mins. If needed, add a couple of table spoons from the the water where the pasta was boiled. It will make the sauce smoother.
- put the pasta in serving plates, garnish with parsley.
- goes with dry white wine.

The Made-Up War

: history, March 04 2022

On 24th February 2022 The World changed and it will never be the same again. Whoever thinks these events are due to one man being mad, and not coordinated part of The Big Reset and the global power redistribution, should definitely reconsider his/her ways of perceiving our reality. The war Russia started will trigger effects way past the borders of one country. It will not only cement the new divide (call it a Cold War, Spheres of power or whatever), but will speed up the fall of a big empire (Russia) and a continent of relative stability (Europe).

This article is not about the events in Ukraine directly. It is about how short people's memory is. How a completely unnecessary conflict, escalated deliberately into a war (thus the title). And a parallel to a period during the Second World War, called "The Phoney War" (Sitzkrieg in German). I want you find the similarities for yourself, as they may be as controversial as true.

On 23 August 1939 Russia and Germany signed their non-aggression pact, also known as "Molotov-Ribbentrop". One week later, on 01 September 1939, Germany launched the invasion of Poland, marking the beginning of WW2. Undoubtedly, the invasion was long-planned and all, "powerful enough to matter" at that day, knew this is going to happen. Poland never officially surrendered, but their forces could not withstand the attack on both fronts (as Russia charged on 17th), so the country fell around 6th October 1939. Their military was heavily outnumbered and outgunned. Some polish troops and vessels managed to escape to Britain and continued the war from there. Guerrilla fighters kept on going on its territory till the end of the war. Before the attack, and in the months to come, Poland relied on the Western Powers (UK, France) to support them by declaring war on Germany. Hitler properly weighed the odds of them actually joining the effort - politicians had little to no interest in saving Poland. Both in France and on The Island were hoping on peaceful solution with Germany (despite their fake posture onwards). Additionally, the obsolete "trench war" doctrine made their estimations entirely wrong. The Blitzkrieg caught everyone with their pants down. Later on, both Russia and The Allies, paid a heavy price for not learning the lesson.

Back to our "Phoney war" - on 03 September 1939, France and UK declared war on Germany and so began a ridiculous period of inactivity (on the western front). The history books do not discuss it much. There are no big analysis or retrospection to it. If that would be me, I would be ashamed even to talk about it, because for 8 full months 110 French and British division just stood there, looking at puny 23 German ones, and did nothing.
They could have ended the most devastating world conflict right there and saved millions of lives.
...but no. Pamphlet were dispersed, some troops even advanced unopposed 8km into Saarland...and they received the order to turn back. The polish were not only kept in the dark, but were mislead that the germans withdrew 6 divisions from Poland due to the Allied activities.

With little land action in the west, the initial months of the war were dubbed the "Bore War", later renamed the "Phoney War" by journalists. (UK Prime Minister Nevvile) Chamberlain, in common with most Allied officials and generals, felt the war could be won relatively quickly by keeping economic pressure on Germany through a blockade while continuing rearmament.The Prime Minister was reluctant to go too far in altering the British economy. The government submitted an emergency war budget about which Chamberlain stated, "the only thing that matters is to win the war, though we may go bankrupt in the process." Government expenditures rose by little more than the rate of inflation between September 1939 and March 1940. Despite these difficulties, Chamberlain still enjoyed approval ratings as high as 68% and almost 60% in April 1940

These defensive, but selfish and hypocritical measures were proven wrong on 10th May 1940, when Germany crushed France in one of the most humiliating military campaigns ever. It lasted only about 40 days. France had bigger army, better support and home advantage, but living in the past and way overconfident. UK's Prime Minister was "forced" out of the office the same day (10th) and the Lords put Winston Churchill to fix the mess and take the hot potatoes out of the fire - coincidence, right? The same Lords removed him from power immediately after the war (another coincidence, right?). The battle of France ended with the infamous evacuation of Dunkirk (Operation Dynamo, aka Miracle of Dunkirk), 27 May - 04 June 1940, where 340 000 troops were saved to fight later (68 000 lost). Churchill begged the civilians on the British shore to help the evacuation with their own vessels.
We can read/write about these events for days - there are so many views on them, most of which fall into the gray areas of history. Protecting own politically-economic interests (of a clique, not even a whole nation of course) lead to the death of 90 million people. Almost 100 years later, humanity forgot...and is ready to repeat the same mistakes.

Incubus - Nimble Bastard

: music, February 12 2022

The dynamic of the song reminds me of early 2000s H-Blockx-style groups - although rather more complex. Not just a plain beat for sure. We all needs some "fall down, get up, adjust the crown, move on" these days and the "Nimble Bastard" reached me (by accident) exactly in such moment.

When you land on your feet
You're a nimble bastard
And you don't skip a beat
Such a nimble bastard
Salt of the earth
Such a nimble bastard
Won't you show, lowly us
How do you see the stars from that far down?
So take some pride and a good example from all who recover from the unrecoverable.
The song debuted in April 2017 with the band's 8th album, plus a hilarious video with cats saving Incubus from secret-agent dogs. Apparently all members participated in the creation process and, as often happens, it was a spontaneous artwork - ultimate proof of how talent is capable of greatness! Wiki says even Skrillex added some sugar in. I admit, except some tracks here-and-there (Spawn), I do not listen to Incubus, but this one is just killing it!

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song

: music, December 23 2021

The most amazing, smooth and charming voice of Nat King Cole is my Christmas choice this year. Like the one before, it is again a bit (actually a lot) sad - humanity is progressing backwards and we are living in the most dire times, of human history, after WW2.
The Christmas Song is written, almost like a joke, in the hot summer of 1945 by Robert Wells and Mel Tormé. It has numerous recordings and, according to one of the producing companies, is the most-performed Christmas song ever. It finds place in many albums. My favorite one is the namesake album from 1963 - an absolutely "must-have" for a nice, cozy December evening. The black-and-white video, you will find in youtube, again 1961, is a very high-quality one. Enjoy! ...and next year, I hope, we see if reindeers really know how to fly.

Although it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you