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Puppet master's guide - Part 4 - propaganda mayhem

: history, May 18 2022

Persuasive mass communication that filters and frames the issues of the day in a way that strongly favors particular interests; usually those of a government or corporation (compare agenda setting). Also, the intentional manipulation of public opinion through lies, half-truths, and the selective re-telling of history. See also disinformation; manufacture of consent; public relations.
Oxford Reference
What a time to be alive! You can skip all the "puppet master's guides", just take notes. If you are smart and patient enough, you may even pierce the vale of the greatest propaganda schemes there is/was - the war in Ukraine.
The article is not about the war itself. It is about the reason and the manipulative activities we all are part of. Check the title picture. Happening probably since the beginning of the human history, but now it is way more obvious, as everyone, even the stupidest person, can "express opinion" over the social media. Suddenly you realize the term "being surrounded by idiots" is an understatement. So, people, seeking for a simple answer of a complex problem, are falling straight into the whirlpool of mass propaganda and total brainwashing. If you seriously think, that a one-liner like "Putin did it for resources" or "The maniac just wants war and territory" can explain what's happening - this website is not for you.

Let's get several things straight:
- Russia executes insane propaganda over its population, but so is the Western world. For the "evil empire" (as the US president Reagan refers to Russia) that's pretty much the standard operation mode - so no surprises here. For the Americans - kind-of a daily business also, especially after 9/11. For Europe - not so much. Since 24th February 2022 the people in EU are under the same (or worse) level of disinformation as Russia, China, USA and the rest of the world.
- This war is entirely wrong. Mr.Putin has his own (and probably valid) reasons to start it, but he could have achieved his goals (whatever they might be) by other means.
- Russia is conducting their activities in some tandem with US - if not for something bigger, at least they warned them several weeks before the invasion occurred.
- At this point (18th May 2022) nobody knows what the exact goal of this war is. But a "bonus" objective is the destruction of the EU. The economical harakiri that the powerful EU countries (Germany, France), with the kind push from US and UK, are imposing on the entire union and their own citizens is undoubtedly part of "The Great Reset" and the new world order. In several years, the deindustrialized and weak EU will be no more.

Back to our main topic - the Propaganda. And more specifically - the one spreading in the so-called bastion of the free speech and democracy - the EU. Get your puppet master's gloves and mandate things to your lackeys (the EU governments):
- first and foremost - all official and established media should be put under your control. Cut off any foreigners. (I had a russian TV among the channels of my provider - it was replaced by Ukranian almost immediately. I used to watch it just to estimate the direction of the current propaganda and not for actual informative purposes) Only one view point is valid and that is yours - no matter the truth! That's a basic principle of the good propaganda since the dawn of time.
- second - smother all debate possibilities on the topic. On "day 1", there is one direction - yep, you guessed it - whatever suits you. Someone may think on "How is such coordination even possible, without prior preparation?" and now we come to the next point.
- whoever questions media's standpoint should be flagged as agent-provocateur of the opposition. Again - it does not matter if your side is right or wrong, if it has moral, historical, rightful superiority. Discredit and mute everyone who opposes you.
- conveniently skip deep historical analysis on everything that led to this conflict. The sheep will not understand it anyway.
- put some dubious data out. It should indirectly refers both sides, but yours should be easily dismissable (Mr.Biden's Twitter followers are mostly fake, Mr.Putin's approval reached 83%, Adrian Bocquet who?, no NATO officers on the battlefield and so on...). People will get lost in the myriad of fake news.
- some may make a parallel between Russian aggression and US "freedom" operations in former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen - nonsense! Obviously the first thing is a barbaric slaughter and the second is spreading the democracy. Look at the previous "PM guides" about lying to go to war.
Humanitarian intervention, actions undertaken by an organization or organizations (usually a state or a coalition of states) that are intended to alleviate extensive human suffering within the borders of a sovereign state.

- turn the lens on the facts (the ones that even you cannot smear or deny). Take a look at the example below. The article came ~24 hours after the Asovstal commander announced surrender. The title translates as "260 Ukrainian soldiers leave Asov steel mill" and the bold text below the picture is "After weeks of blockade, the fighters, some of whom were seriously injured, were taken away by Russian units. They are later to be released as part of a prisoner exchange. The area around Lviv became the target of new air raids". A masterpiece indeed! The best brainwashing is the subtle one (although for any intelligent person that's not so subtle) - here the puppet media does not use "surrender" or "captured". And immediately shifts the topic. For the same story, you can easily find more or less the same description, but with the "proper" use of the word "evacuation". If you can do this with an exemplary, established newspaper as FAZ, imagine what you can achieve with all other second-hand, hungry media.

- nowadays it is not uncommon for any side to use mercenaries. Shush extensive talking about Ukrainians and overblow everything for the russian military (a country that has ~200 ethnic groups). One may find suspicious how Ukranians handle perfectly, in a matter of days, battle equipment they have never seen before (even with interface in arabic) - again, nonsense! Slap one "russian bot" here and there - see - everything is fine now.
- nobody will even notice if you censor, ban/delete accounts or put your own fake news. So why just not use it.
- the time is ripe to create the "Ministry of Truth" - if you have no idea what this is, please read some books (1984) or just watch what Mr.Biden's administration is doing under the term "Disinformation Governance Board".
- some of your weak henchmen may slip (under oath in front of a jury), that you have been going around the international regulations and developing bio-weapons (replace with "bio-laboratories") in the affected country. Nullify the following "cause-and-effect" reasoning, if this might be just one of the many reasons, your adversary attacked.
- promote that this is a war between Ukraine and Russia, and you have nothing to do with that.
- announce plans for cutting all ties with Russia (for your vassals of course). Oil and gas for sure, as soon as possible. No worries - you are the biggest re-distributor of such. Profit awaits! Plus unknown number of russian ships will depart ports with "unknown destination" in their logs. Guess what will happen in the international waters. Suddenly, countries with no raw materials will start exporting huge amounts of both. While Europe commits suicide, you can continue importing fertilizers and diesel with a simple legislative switcheroo.
- being a puppet master is a tough and tiresome job. Get some fun in your daily activities by creating the "opposite of art"-type of musical festival, where the first place is always won by "the victim of the day" - if your chosen country cannot really cut it (come on, do I even have to say this?!) just manipulate the results a bit.

Do not forget the other tools of the puppet master. There is just no better time to rob the people by printing an endless amount of money. War (indirect military help), recovery plans, cutting the dependency on the russian raw materials - all bottomless pits where the money flow unsanctioned and unaccounted for. Additionally put some of your corporations as a "middle man" so you have a cut from every shady deal, every "classified" trade agreement etc.
Dump unknown amount weapons in the hands of a notorious para-military unit. It does not matter how many of them will be further sold to terrorists. The main point is causing chaos, prolonging the war and keeping the industrial-military complex going - hurting the "enemy" comes just as a bonus.

The Made-Up War

: history, March 04 2022

On 24th February 2022 The World changed and it will never be the same again. Whoever thinks these events are due to one man being mad, and not coordinated part of The Big Reset and the global power redistribution, should definitely reconsider his/her ways of perceiving our reality. The war Russia started will trigger effects way past the borders of one country. It will not only cement the new divide (call it a Cold War, Spheres of power or whatever), but will speed up the fall of a big empire (Russia) and a continent of relative stability (Europe).

This article is not about the events in Ukraine directly. It is about how short people's memory is. How a completely unnecessary conflict, escalated deliberately into a war (thus the title). And a parallel to a period during the Second World War, called "The Phoney War" (Sitzkrieg in German). I want you find the similarities for yourself, as they may be as controversial as true.

On 23 August 1939 Russia and Germany signed their non-aggression pact, also known as "Molotov-Ribbentrop". One week later, on 01 September 1939, Germany launched the invasion of Poland, marking the beginning of WW2. Undoubtedly, the invasion was long-planned and all, "powerful enough to matter" at that day, knew this is going to happen. Poland never officially surrendered, but their forces could not withstand the attack on both fronts (as Russia charged on 17th), so the country fell around 6th October 1939. Their military was heavily outnumbered and outgunned. Some polish troops and vessels managed to escape to Britain and continued the war from there. Guerrilla fighters kept on going on its territory till the end of the war. Before the attack, and in the months to come, Poland relied on the Western Powers (UK, France) to support them by declaring war on Germany. Hitler properly weighed the odds of them actually joining the effort - politicians had little to no interest in saving Poland. Both in France and on The Island were hoping on peaceful solution with Germany (despite their fake posture onwards). Additionally, the obsolete "trench war" doctrine made their estimations entirely wrong. The Blitzkrieg caught everyone with their pants down. Later on, both Russia and The Allies, paid a heavy price for not learning the lesson.

Back to our "Phoney war" - on 03 September 1939, France and UK declared war on Germany and so began a ridiculous period of inactivity (on the western front). The history books do not discuss it much. There are no big analysis or retrospection to it. If that would be me, I would be ashamed even to talk about it, because for 8 full months 110 French and British division just stood there, looking at puny 23 German ones, and did nothing.
They could have ended the most devastating world conflict right there and saved millions of lives.
...but no. Pamphlet were dispersed, some troops even advanced unopposed 8km into Saarland...and they received the order to turn back. The polish were not only kept in the dark, but were mislead that the germans withdrew 6 divisions from Poland due to the Allied activities.

With little land action in the west, the initial months of the war were dubbed the "Bore War", later renamed the "Phoney War" by journalists. (UK Prime Minister Nevvile) Chamberlain, in common with most Allied officials and generals, felt the war could be won relatively quickly by keeping economic pressure on Germany through a blockade while continuing rearmament.The Prime Minister was reluctant to go too far in altering the British economy. The government submitted an emergency war budget about which Chamberlain stated, "the only thing that matters is to win the war, though we may go bankrupt in the process." Government expenditures rose by little more than the rate of inflation between September 1939 and March 1940. Despite these difficulties, Chamberlain still enjoyed approval ratings as high as 68% and almost 60% in April 1940

These defensive, but selfish and hypocritical measures were proven wrong on 10th May 1940, when Germany crushed France in one of the most humiliating military campaigns ever. It lasted only about 40 days. France had bigger army, better support and home advantage, but living in the past and way overconfident. UK's Prime Minister was "forced" out of the office the same day (10th) and the Lords put Winston Churchill to fix the mess and take the hot potatoes out of the fire - coincidence, right? The same Lords removed him from power immediately after the war (another coincidence, right?). The battle of France ended with the infamous evacuation of Dunkirk (Operation Dynamo, aka Miracle of Dunkirk), 27 May - 04 June 1940, where 340 000 troops were saved to fight later (68 000 lost). Churchill begged the civilians on the British shore to help the evacuation with their own vessels.
We can read/write about these events for days - there are so many views on them, most of which fall into the gray areas of history. Protecting own politically-economic interests (of a clique, not even a whole nation of course) lead to the death of 90 million people. Almost 100 years later, humanity forgot...and is ready to repeat the same mistakes.

Puppet master's guide - Part 3 - testing ground

: history, October 29 2021

testing ground
an area or field of activity used for the testing of a product or an idea, especially a military site used for the testing of weapons.
Before you initiate the final stage of your World Domination Plan, you should test some of the elements. For example: the total control mechanism requires every human being to be biologically connected to your surveillance system. With a kill-switch of course. Chasing rebels in the jungle is so old-fashioned and boring. You have all the technology required to jump on the next level.
But the people are (yet) not stupid enough to let you install things in their bodies. Smartphones were a good start, but one can always throw away the device, regardless how difficult his life will become. So you need a way to convince everyone, that a medical procedure of some sort is urgent. To check if this approach will work, just start a pandemic! Actually, this is the solution to so many of your puppet master's problems.
You want to get rid of the old people - start a pandemic.
You want to assimilate all remaining small business - pandemic.
You want to restrict free movement - yep, pandemic.
You want to have an excuse for any face-palming moves the puppet-governments do - you guessed it - pandemic.
To show dominance and how little you care about the sheep, name one of your meetings The Great Reset. If they are still not getting it, you receive extra points in the brain-washing category.
The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.
Prof Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum (WEF)
(do not ask "for whom?")

The disease does not need to be very deadly - it needs to be highly contagious so to spread slowly but surely, also to be present for quite some time. Good candidate-viruses are everywhere - just pick a flu-like one and tweak it a bit. Throw it in a random powerful country, so the rest don't dare to present any claims. The media will do the rest.
Now the virus is spreading rampant and all turn their eyes towards your scientists. Of course they are yours - you fed their lazy asses for decades already, and pretended not to notice the lack of almost any accomplishments. On their hand, they pretended not to notice how you immediately covered-up any breakthroughs, throughout the years, and leave irrelevant breadcrumbs here and there. They will stall the vaccine as long as you need. Cure? No such thing - nobody will even start working on it - worst case - put it in the "endless testing" hamster wheel. It will require a lot of money, so no self-reliant-miracle-doctor or a third-world-country could afford developing one without your consent. Change the very definition of the word "vaccine" from "provides immunity" to "significantly prevents deadly outcome" - yes, as vague as that. To achieve A+, you should also warm-up the audience some years in advance - a scientist or major businessman may "warn" the public about such pandemic threat. If a rogue country tries to release the vaccine, showing it as political success of their newly elected leader (and not because they care about their citizens), just release a new virus variant. Who will prove it is not a perfectly natural mutation? No one, of course. Even if a group of mathematicians and/or virologist provide evidence, how such plague cannot happen on its own - use the media to bash and silence them. In time they will be quickly forgotten. A sheep's memory is so short.
When enough "speed" is achieved, start distributing the "vaccine". After all - this is what the main goal is - how many people will use something, that is untested, unproven, potentially harmful, blindly trusting their corrupt government. Make them sign papers to release you from any responsibility. It is always a good practice to cut the lose ends, plus this will serve as another test - how many of them are dumb enough to sign anything, without reading it. Nobody will remember, that initially you did not say it will be a 2-jab procedure. Here is a bonus-task for you - tell them to have a 3rd one. Observe the results. Now do it again, and again ... Let's see how many "boosters" the sheep will take, before start asking some questions. The ones, already "in the loop", will just continue doing it, facing the risk of losing all "vaccination-gained-privileges". You can forfeit any constitutional/freedom rights using the immunization-requirement pretext.
"Of course it is voluntary! You need to be vaccinated only if you want to do these 5000 things."
"No, it is not mandatory, but now you can no longer work from home. You need to come to the office. To come to the office you have to be vaccinated. I repeat, it is not mandatory - else will be illegal!"
"No, it does not provide immunity, nobody said such thing. It lowers the mortality. You can still get sick and infect others"
Google - Covid Germany - From JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data
27 October 2020 (0% vaccinated) - 13 161 new cases, 30 dead
27 October 2021 (66.4% vaccinated) - 28 826 new cases, 124 dead
Basically, push people's patience any way you can, to check at what point the leash will break. Then you can adjust the real deployment scenario with the data gathered. I repeat - this is a test. Do not kill too many, else you will rule a desert!
Some extra benefits, that will come with your trials:
- due to lockdowns, small companies will be obliterated. The big ones (the ones with the billionaires) are yours anyway.
- many people will lose their jobs - a good step towards extermination of the middle class (check part one)
- basic income will gain popularity, even become adopted in some places, nailing the coffin of the capitalism. Any initiative for self-development and work will disappear.
- countries will need more money - printing will destroy whatever economic logic, safeguards and safety nets remain.
- too-big-to-fail corporations will siphon the majority of these funds, putting more fuel to the fire.
- money will be so available, they will lose their practical purpose - banks will become just vaults, property prices will pump the next bursting bubble (and this one will be spectacular).
- shady mechanisms will gain popularity - like crypto-money - thus, whenever you want, you can just play with them in any manner - all participants agree, that these are not under anyone's control (ahahah...) and even a total, unexpected shut-down is just a part of the game.
- subscription instead of ownership - for everything imaginable.
- families, forced to live with their parents or completely isolated - causing major psychological disturbances.
- mass fear and distrust.

Welcome to the new Era of Corporate Feudalism.

Puppet master's guide - Part 2 - razzle-dazzle

: history, May 21 2021

Cambridge Dictionary on “razzle-dazzle” meaning:
UK: (confusion caused by) noisy and noticeable activity or very colourful appearance, intended to attract attention
US: showy appearance or performance, intended to attract attention or cause confusion.

Being a good puppet master means “staying in the shadow”. The audience will boo you (and, in our case, carry your dead carcass on their pitchforks around the world) if your performance is a sloppy one, revealing the performer, instead of just playing with the puppet. It is not always easy. One may think just keeping utmost secrecy about your activities will do. Wrong! It will not! There will always be a bunch of smart, curious people, who you somehow failed to turn into the beloved sheep. These pesky brats will dig into your dirt constantly. So you need a diversion...

1. The diversion has to be something, that everybody agrees with and is presented as undeniable fact. How about ECOLOGY? A million scientists say humanity is destroying the planet – which is an absolute truth, but you do not care – power is more important. Some things your propaganda machine should just “forget” to mention:
- where is the undeniable proof about the man-made climate change;
- what would be the impact over the “western lifestyle”, the actual cost and who will pay it;
- how exactly does the westerners plan to force 3rd world countries to play along, especially the ones with the population exploding over 1billion (today China’s crypto mining CO2 output supposedly surpassed the carbon footprint of Italy);
- the solar activity cycles - yeeah, the giant nuclear ball has absolutely no effect on the tiny blue dot
- how a single volcano eruption is compared to the yearly CO2 output? What about other natural disasters?
Just bash the citizens with:
- drive electric cars (10+ years to reach down the same level of emissions as casual cars IF you do not replace the battery)
- do not eat meat – cows fart so your burger destroys the environment (but fracking is perfectly safe)
- do not travel – planes are bad, cars are bad, stay at home and order stuff online … packets will just appear on your doorstep, no CO2 involved. In the meantime you will become dumb as a doorknob. Most of your social relations will collapse.
- it is your duty to preserve the environment (disregarding the other ¾ of the human race who are not so lucky to live in the “flourishing, western type” society and who mostly do not know what ecology means or is occupied with survival and does not care)
- elect ecologists as politicians – they will know what to do… and will definitely not be the insolent, arrogant and utterly incompetent puppets
- climate change is your fault, you are guilty and should feel bad – again, completely ignore what is happening outside Europe, North America and Australia. “Their climate” has nothing to do with “our climate”.
- nuclear power is the worst – we also need to shut down every other alternative. The “cheap and reliable” solar and wind energy will keep us, and what is left of the economy, afloat. Don’t mind these will occupy house/farm land, that costs thousands of times more than the energy production in their entire operational lifespan.
- buy newer, shinier, eco-friendly stuff (and boost even more the planned obsolescence, as all you need is just the "ECO" sticker).

2. The diversion may also be something people think they enjoy.
- Using some psychology, you can easily find methods, to trick human mind to get false sense of satisfaction. Create some shell companies to implement these brilliant ideas. Call them something commonly acceptable, positive ... how about “social media”? You will not be the first to create such (websites for example), so you will have to boost them with something from the top-secret drawer, or just rain pure cash on them until it is done. Their previous competition stands no chance! These social media will engulf all the people’s attention and spawn minor, short-term distractions on their own – bland games, pointless movies, (my all-time-favorite!) influencers, etc. As a bonus you will get the easiest-ever, instant access to all of the sheep’s private information. I mean everything! Pictures, conversations, thoughts, secrets. Use the same platform to create the proper social scoring for everyone, but deny you are doing it. The propaganda machine is really useful when you have to point the herd into your desired direction – elections, social choices, movements. They will be so razzle-dazzled by all the misinformation and fake news, that the line between reality and fiction will just disappear.
- you will stamp as a conspiracy theorist, Querdenker (German – meaning “thinking across the mainstream, thinking differently”), misogynist, racist, anti-vaxxers etc. all who stand against your agenda. The “social” media will censor arbitrary and indiscriminately (but most importantly on your desire) any opponent, any deviation from the mainstream. It is a private enterprise – of course they can do whatever they want in their own premises.
- any watered-down, talentless form of art/sports will do, if it is promoted enough.

3. War, war never changes (“Fallout”) – a reliable but a bit old-fashioned and expedient trick. There is no better distraction than sending your own people to die. Just make the proper excuse first and do it convincingly enough. Social media will help a lot, for reference use the 1997 “Wag the dog” movie. If needed topple a building or two, or claim some genocide occurring (it may be happening for centuries, but who cares), liberate some poor people from their horrible dictator (one of your expendable puppets, of course). It will trigger additional “dazzling” events like a rigged refugee wave, where 90% are 18-30 y.o. men, with $10K in their pockets (normally they would not be able to save that much in their entire life), with the newest and most expensive phones and no identity documents whatsoever. Refer to Part 1 of the guide where you destroy the middle class by destroying the core of the society and its social system. Make the vasals of your “main-stage-country” join the war effort, so they will also take any retaliation hit. Install “the democracy”, ignoring any local cultural specifics. What’s the worst that can happen – another vasal? The best outcome is total and absolute chaos, so the country will take forever to recover, and this is exactly the water you want to swim in.

4. Hide all technology, that may be used to hinder your agenda (in other words - to resolve the problems you cause). Keep the people busy and distracted. Boost only useless tech, but release it slowly, so you can pick all the cash possible. 40-inch TV this year? Oh boy, wait and see the 42-inch for the next. Naah, you do not need new type of batteries, Li-ion from 1970 will do just fine. All new software will be so poorly written (using the newest frameworks and methods), that it will require 100 times the computing power for doing the same thing, so here is our top-of-the line processors. Private datacenters will have to move to the cloud, for convenience, stability, and security (guess whose). Want to watch an influencer shake her ass online – just get a new phone each year. Let’s allow companies to destroy their own hardware remotely, so the sheep can buy more of it – that is perfectly legal. Make repairing your own tech illegal (I can think of only one country to have a judges who accept this in their right mind).

5. Experiment with the public health. If a person faces immediate danger to his/her own health, chances are he/she will start to think and act irrationally (and will not focus on the mess you make). Carefully plan different attack vectors:
- GMO food and dubious food additives, with uncertain long-term effect, not only to humans, but also to the environment. Treated with the same unsafe pesticides. Slap "clinically tested" on everything, so when the truth comes out, people start doubting the scientists, rather then the system itself.
- engineer some disease. It should not be very lethal, nor dangerous, but contagious. The point is not to kill. It is to confuse, remember? Push your government-puppets to take the most ridiculous and illogical decisions to tackle it. Vaccines will first be "untested", then "declined", then "adopted with caution", then replaced with "yearly booster vaccines" and so on...Make more money, dazzle! Repeat each year-or-two.
- Make the general health care achievable only by the relatively rich people. Treat (but not heal) the others with handful of drugs to the point of animal-like-obedience or utter health state failure.
- Pretend to fight illegal drugs, but in reality use them as a hefty source of income. Both ways work - first you can siphon money from "the war on drugs" and second you will be a player on the same market.
- Use high-frequency emitters on all new tech - the sheep want to watch their favorite influencer making her nails on Ultra High HD, while driving on the highway with 200km/h - just give it to them. Their brains will slowly fry - even better!

6. Introduce as many unnatural-to-frankly idiotic ideas such as:
- a person having no gender (or being part of 57 genders)
- flat Earth
- being jobless/unskilled/lazy your entire life is just fine
- cryptocurrencies (at this day, just the cryto-mining chugs more energy than all wind and solar farms combined) and the "freedom" they offer. Do not let the government-puppets regulate them anyhow, as this will be the major source for money-laundering and all kinds of illegal value exchange.
- make the media close their eyes for everything - even for the worst acts of racism and double standards

In order to progress we must change. This is exactly why I'm being intentional about prioritizing media requests from POC (people of color) reporters on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of my inauguration as mayor of this great city...Hire reporters of color - and especially women of color - to cover Chicago politics, and City Hall in particular...

Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, black, female, lesbian
under her mandate the city scores 50% raise in homicides

- or -
May 2013 - Six EU countries are in "a mess" over the bilateral deals they signed with Russia on the South Stream gas pipeline, with Bulgaria the most desperate to get EU help, European Commission officials told ...

May 2021 - Biden to waive Trump-era sanctions on operator of Russian pipeline. Berlin hails move on contentious Nord Stream 2 that will carry Russian gas to Germany

- stun the entire movie and TV audience with forced genderism and racial bias. Make James Bond a black female - why not? It worked so well with the Ghost Busters remake and the latest Star Wars garbage. At this point you do not care neither about the money (I mean from the movie industry) nor about the progress, all you need "gender/racial correctness". People with different colors (strangely, white is still considered a color) will love each other even more after that.

Puppet master's guide - Part 1 - destroying the middle class

: history, March 26 2021

What is a "puppet master"? - The first definition in the Oxford Dictionary is not about the performer/artist with the doll though. It is "a person, group, or country that covertly controls another". I am starting the series in the "history" section, as they are observations of events already in motion or past gone.

Which world are you referring to? - The "developed anglo-saxon western world". Yes, it is a different world, if you put yourself in the, let's say, Chinese or Turkmenistan or Nigerian coordinate system. So mainly the countries of Mid-and-Western Europe, USA, Canada. Some of them are an exception to the picture, but negligible few.

So why a puppet master (PM)? - Are you seriously believing, that your government is entirely "democratically elected" and makes independent decisions, based on the well-being of its own people? If "yes", then this website is not for you. The PM has different names - Deep State, Templar/Mason/Illuminati, etc., but regardless of the name, and whether this particular organization really is THE PM, the main point remains - it exists. He has "THE PLAN". I do not know what exactly the plan is, but I am pretty sure none of us, the common folk, will like it. I believe we will not be very far off, if we assume it involves "total control over the entire planet".

Part 1 - Destroying the middle class
As a puppet master you need sheep. You do not need well educated (and critically thinking), stable and healthy people. They are dangerous to THE PLAN. They may eventually organize and apply some guillotine massage on your neck. The first and very obvious target is the middle class.
1. Inflation, inflation, inflation! First and foremost destroy their financial stability. Printing money solves so many problems. The world operates with your currency, what are they going to do - stop using it? Naah. Problem 1 - well - you print money -> you have money. There is no need to earn them. No need for a working economy. Problem 2 - reduce the price of your working force. Problem 3 - crush any incentive for having some savings. Meeting any unexpected expenditures becomes a really big issue. Problem 4 - you control the inflation rate for other countries, thus controlling their population. Problem 5 - switch the entire banking system from being an saving-interest-investment one to vault-profit-by-fees, so even further pushing the middle class not save a dime. Censor anyone who dares to calculate the inflation in a different way than yours - for example, set the "official rate" to 2.5% regardless and ignoring the the house/rent prices (50%+ over 5 years), food (20%+ over 2 years), and electricity (15%+ during the past year).
2. Destroy the education system. Lower the wages, so mostly incompetent, lazy, worthless people land as teachers. A country where the property-agent, for an hour work, makes more than a teacher per entire year, is doomed. Bad-to-mediocre teachers will lay the best foundation for the future sheep-transformation. They will produce dull, obedient, uninterested, indifferent, passionless students. There will be no motivation for becoming a doctor, scientist, engineer, etc. Devaluate the need for a proper higher education - refer to the property-agent example above. Regardless if your universities enslave people with debt for life or are "free of charge" (but dig deep into the tax-bucket), they should mostly "teach" pointless specialties.
3. Gradually undermine the importance of the family, by spreading wild and ridiculous ideas (like the 30-genders) of how outdated and old-fashioned it is, brainwash how tomorrow it will not be necessary, as we have a better system. Ban the same-sex marriages and turn the two groups against each-other. "Prove" how living without a marriage can be so good. Proclaim hypocritical "equality" for men and women (the Executive job quotas, remember?).

March 2021: For the first time, the title of Miss Silver State USA was awarded to a transgender person. Kataluna Enriquez was crowned in the biggest preliminary competition for the Miss Nevada USA pageant.

4. Create economic state, where young people struggle to get by, and the only way out is getting their heritage. They will hate elderly people. The latter will be put in retirement homes to be neglected and die, while their children move into their house/flat as buying one is all but impossible. Grandparents will of course hate their children for that. They will blame them for "electing" the wrong politicians and destroying their perfect world from the 1980s.
5. Ruin the healthcare system - either make it an unaffordable-scam or underfund it to the point of uselessness. It will dramatically help dealing with the next point.
6. Reduce the local population. Make life impossible for a single-income family. At the same time do not open any kindergartens (see point 2). Grandparents will not help (see point 4) or they will be dead (see point 5). The responsible parents will have 1-2 children at best. The other ... - well, "mission accomplished". You need more of them. Why stop there - make life impossible for a double-income family!
7. Import as many 3rd-world-extremely-poor-people as you can. Mask this as "helping refugees in need". Chances are they cannot even read/write, let alone integrate into your radically different society. Grant them all the benefits of your working class, plus such your natives can only dream of - paying their rent and bills(see point 4), free healthcare, free food, clothes and some income. Their miserable existence will be far better than what they had into their own country, so moving back is out of the question. At the same time, generations after them will be lost to the vicious circle of poverty, low education and life on government aid. Discriminate your locals in favor of the foreigners - if they react somehow, just bash them as racists! Works every time! Ignore anyone asking "the war is over, when are they going back?".
March 2021: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced race-based program to give families of color $500 monthly checks. Half of the $500 grants will be to families earning under $30,000, in the predominantly 'BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color)' East Oakland area. The program, funded by wealthy private donors, explicitly excludes poor white families.

8. Rig the salaries and the social benefits to a level, where it is just pointless to go to work. This will put even more low-middle class people in the v-circle (see point 7). It will kill any self-improvement desires - and why should you even try, if, after all your efforts, you get almost the same as your jobless neighbor?
9. Cut police funding and control until the entire force consist of mostly trigger-happy-goons. Eventually they can suffocate a guy from one color, ignore the riots, so the people from the other color can be even more stressed, scared and hateful towards the other. No-go zones, encourage police brutality, let lose criminals with hundreds of records, political corruption with full impunity, covering up the crime statistics ... you name it - small steps that will force the middle class away or downwards.
10. Make people confront each other for anything - even the stupidest idea (Flat Earth...)(see all points above).
11. Water-down their daily life with mindless entertainment. The children will forget about reading a book or playing out with a friend when the exhausted parents just throw them the flashing tablet.
12. Constantly proclaim the middle class as the backbone of the society, but also increase the direct- and most importantly the indirect-taxes. Reaching the ridiculous levels of 50% should not stop you! You "need" money, you know. Refer to point 1 again.
13. Just for the sake of proper accounting, throw all the collected taxes in bottomless pits as: "bail your friends out when they gamble and lose" ("The Dictator", 2012), helping BigCorpo "to survive the economic crisis" (created by you again), war, refugees, "ecology", generous social benefits for the already-sheep and any other stupid activity you can think of.
14. Ruin small- and mid-sized business. Provide BigCorpo with every single unfair advantage they request, like not paying taxes, being able to hire-fire in a heartbeat, impose any kind of shady corporate tricks "in order to cut cost", let them lie blatantly on why they are reducing the local workforce, and reopen factories on the other side of the world and so on... A pandemic could come in hand here.
15. Constantly brainwash people, that they are living in the best place on Earth and how any other system, different than the Wild-West-Capitalism, has failed.
16. You do not need to directly control all decision-makers. On the other positions just put the most incompetent, self-confident, arrogant, cowardly ass-kissers you can find - they will do the job for you.
17. Use the word "diversity" on every possible occasion.